Clarity. Alignment.Movement.

“Marcia, you get me moving!”



We grow and transform under-performing professionals, physicians and organizations.    

We heal their pain points.

We remove barriers and get you moving to where you want and need to be.


  • Coaching and Consulting

  • Speaking, Training and Facilitation

  • Leadership Development

We are pleased to be accepting new clients.

  • Marcia is a well-trained, gifted listener who is able to see beneath the presenting issues to find the root cause

  • She will ask pivotal questions - questions are necessary, vital and needed to get to get to clarity and focus

  • You will be challenged to take action - Marcia wants you to be empowered to movement and ownership

  • You will be changed - you will leave confident that you are moving forward to a better you!!

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What Her Clients are saying...

Marcia is very impressive and a joy to work with- she shares from her heart and knows her stuff; I am going to take a piece of her speech and share it with my company today!-Ken Blanchard, President and CEO, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“Marcia is an exceptional coach and mentor. She is an excellent listener, which is key to effective coaching. Marcia is very insightful and skilled at asking questions to direct critical thinking and ultimately to help me see the big picture. Marcia helps bring clarity to action plans and is an encourager, offering practical advice when it is needed. I highly recommend Marcia as a coach!” ~Susie Kinzenbaw Veatch, President, Kinze Manufacturing, Inc.

“Marcia is an amazing coach! She has taken my career to new heights. I truly value her wisdom and her practical tips to help me achieve better work life balance in addition to career success. My CEO relayed to me the following. “You have done such a phonomenal job since you have been with us. You have definitely taken our program to new heights.” I have referred her to 3 other physicians plus the president of a company….they too have noticed considerable transformation in their professional and personal lives. - Anne Ford, MD, CHN

“It has been a pleasure to work with Marcia. She is a fantastic listener and has talent for quickly distilling information to identify core truths and areas for growth. She is holistic in approach and is capable of gently but concretely guiding individuals in leadership and lifestyle changes that honor our God-given passions.” ~Erica Leazenby, MD

“Marcia’s student evaluations are outstanding and we are fortunate to have a leader of vision, expertise, and experience as part of our cadre of adjunct faculty. She will add a high level of quality fo any project she is part of and will be an asset to any organization that she works with or hires her.” -Charles Feldhaus, Ph.D, Dean, IUPUI

“Marcia asks thoughtful, provoking questions that allows the coachee to deeply understand the reasons they need to make a change. She also helps them to recognize the possible barriers to success and how they need to overcome them”. ~Linda Dausend, Senior Consultant at Flashpoint HR, Executive Partners, Indianapolis

"Marcia Newman knows how to find out what is holding you back personally and in business and what to do about it,  She holds you accountable and gets you moving!" ~Mary Barrett, President, Edgewood Parners, LLC

“Marcia Newman removes obstacles to clear communication, understanding and the authentic expression of the true voice of the leader”. ~Roger Williams, client

“There are multitudes of people who claim to be a "coach" but fewhave the credentials, experience, wisdom and depth as Marcia!” -Diane Mayer, Sr. Program Mgr., VMWARE

“Marcia is 100% objective in assessing an individual's environment and is extremely helpful in providing tangible, actionable advice. She has a holistic approach and gets to the core quickly. She makes the complex simple and her advice leads to sustainable results. If self improvement is a goal, she can help you remove your blinders and thrive.” - Michael Kiernan, Director, Rosenblatt Securities

"In just two months of coaching I learned that I can positively impact a situation towards change and I am a leader." ~Lauren Moffatt, PHR, President and CEO, Spark HR

“I have been working with Marcia since the middle of this year and what a change she has made in my career and my life! Marcia is incredibly intuitive as well as gracious and kind. I entered into this coaching relationship as a way to advance my career based on my very generous manager's suggestion. I believed I was having difficulties dealing with particularly rude and pushy men who were several levels above me. But Marcia was able to see beyond that and help me to understand my underlying fears that were actually holding me back. She has gently directed me to my own conclusions that have led to some incredibly successful victories in my career. My manager is extremely pleased with my progress, commenting often on my new approach to not only dealing with the rude and pushy people but also with my coworkers both locally and globally in a new and better way. She has been wonderful to work with and a huge encouragement in my life both professionally and personally. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” ~Dawn Andrus, Chief of Technology, Control Systems Engineering, Rolls-Royce

"Marcia - you ask amazing questions." ~

Dr. Shann Ferch, Professor of Leadership Studies, GonzagaUniversity 



We are not limited by location; we coach locally but also by Skype, google chat and face/phone time as we have national clients. To contact us or to begin exploring a process together, please fill out the contact form.  Someone will respond to you within 48 hours. 

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Marcia Newman is a modern day Renaissance woman.  She is more than a coach, consultant, trainer, writer and speaker, Marcia has also had success singing professionally, in Europe, in churches, as a studio musician, and as a recitalist.  She has a published CD entitled, "My Song is Love Unknown"  She has performed at Spoletto Festival Charleston, S.C. and sung the national anthem for the Colts and the Pacers.

Her other interests are traveling, decorating, floral arranging and setting beautiful tables.